PDF Design

Portable Document Format (PDF) Design is a powerful tool in direct marketing and information communication. It combines images and vector based text into a low sized multi page document that can be easily emailed.

Often used as press packs or information brochures for email, PDF is also the standard preferred format for professional printers, and the specification is always quality controlled.

Below are some examples of PDFs designed by David Pugh for his clients in the past.


JR Gaunt, Bentley PDF Design

David was required to create a number of PDF designs for information products of the launch of this classic company. JR Gaunt’s expertise lies in Medal creation, silversmiths, classic car badges, swords, souvenirs and advertising novelties. They are also ribbon suppliers to H.M. the Queen and contractor to many foreign governments.  This PDF design is to promote Gaunt’s partnership with Bentley.

Download Full PDF of JR Gaunt Bentley



Let’s Go Crazy Press Pack PDF Design

This is a 23 page press pack, highlighting everything about this events company. Remarkably the whole document with numerous photographs and text fits into a document at 2.7meg. The PDF was distributed to customers and corporate clients all over the world.

Download full PDF for Let’s Go Crazy here

Leonardo PDF design Cover


Leonardo Da Vinci PDF Design for Diverse Productions

A TV series was commissioned documenting the sketch book of Leonardo Da Vinci, David was set the task of producing the document that will advertise the show to potential advertisers. The document was designed to look and feel like the Da Vinci sketch book itself.

Download Full PDF for Leonardo Da Vinci here



One Piece PDF Design Press Pack

A new clothing range launching in the UK required David to develop a classy and slick pdf press pack document to email out and to be printed professionally.

Download full OnePiece PDF here

One Piece PDF design