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Welcome to Freelance Graphic Designer, the website of David Pugh B.A. a freelance graphic designer with 10 years commercial experience, based in Brick Lane E1 London UK.


“My graphic design rates are very competitive, without neglecting quality. My goal is to provide an excellent, cost-effective service and to build a satisfied loyal base of clients to mutual benefit.”

The World of Graphic Design and the Dynamics behind Boosting your Brand and Business!

Why do you need to invest in a good Graphic Designer?

First impressions count!

We all know people make snap judgements, it only takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different! Your logo design and page graphic design is the first thing visitors will see. You need to ensure your business looks and performs its very best online and your visitors are getting exactly what they need.


It takes around 0.06 seconds (that’s 60 milliseconds) for users to form an opinion about your website and business that determines whether they like it or not, and most importantly whether they will stay on the site or leave.

Many businesses face a high bounce rate problem and that’s due to poor website navigation and poor quality graphic design. Some businesses cut corners by hiring non-experienced freelance graphic designers and freelance logo designers especially in London, you may save a little money to begin with but you will lose revenue in the long run if your website does not look professional and engaging. Visitors also leave web pages quickly and move to competitors due to lack of content, no call-to-action buttons and simply because the site is boring, has no colour or dimension!


The first impression can depend on many factors such as the structure, colours, fonts, relevant content, symmetry, spacing and much more, David Pugh is a renowned freelance graphic designer with 10 years commercial experience! He has worked with top clients in London and other major cities around the world, with an impressive portfolio showing business’s who have achieved targets and conversions due to the quality behind their logos, web landing pages, graphic designs and overall web navigation using quality call to action buttons and high-resolution imagery.


It takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on that area of a website that most influences their first impressions, researchers monitored eye movements of students as they scanned web pages, researchers analysed the eye-tracking data to determine how long it took for the prospects to focus on specific sections on the pages.  This could be the logo, a particular image and social media icons before they move on to another section of the web page. David Pugh freelance graphic designer


Conclusion –   The better the first impression, the longer visitors stay on your page!

You need a good digital freelance graphic designer who will enhance your landing pages and all marketing material from merchandise to logos. If you have been looking for a freelance graphic designer in London then stop right here and check out David Pugh’s work!

David Pugh is always keeping update to date with the graphic design industry, software and tools. Every project has been engaging, his work really pushes businesses!   Give David a quick call and get a free quote!


Freelance Logo Design

Working from a blank canvas, through discussion and research, the right look and feel to your logo and business identity can be reached. Especially important for new business and start-ups.  The design can then be taken through to new media to create a complete logo design package.

Logo designer image 1 | Graphic Designer LondonLogo designer image 2 | Graphic Designer LondonLogo designer image 3 | Graphic Designer LondonLogo designer image 4 | Graphic Designer LondonLogo designer image 5 | Graphic Designer London

Very good rates offered for additional work. Continued design support, from initial branding to every aspect of design for the business.

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Freelance Web Designer

Unique, attractive and fully functioning web design created from layout to full production. Maybe your site is already performing well for you on Google, but is costing you customers who are put off by poor design and aesthetics. Your site is your virtual shop window to the world, it needs to be attractive, slick, professional, and easy to understand and navigate.

web designer image 1 | Graphic Designer Londonweb designer image 2 | Graphic Designer Londonweb designer image 3 | Graphic Designer Londonweb designer image 4 | Graphic Designer Londonweb designer image 5 | Graphic Designer London
Whether the project is a simple brochure site, or something larger, requiring sophisticated web development, freelance graphic designer David Pugh can deliver. A website redesign will be the boost your business needs to keep customers logging in, and reflect the quality of your business’s product.

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Freelance Graphic Designer for Stationary and Print

David Pugh has designed printed media for a wide range of industries. He has extensive knowledge print techniques and technicalities; including brochures, flyers, booklets, printed advertising and much more.

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Mail shots, magazine design, adverts, flyers. These are all excellent ways to get your business out there and establish your brand with the customer directly.

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