Print Design

Graphic Design for Print and Stationery

Print work is all about attention to detail, and being aware of the colour implications of screen to print. High resolution striking graphics, excellent photography and image manipulation are the benchmarks of print design by David Pugh.  With over 10 years experience in the field of print design, some of the designs on this page date back to 2004.

Click on the image to see more detail. Each link will take you to the project page.  Full resolution print design previews are available, along with descriptions of the projects.  In some cases you can see how the artwork was created, and the process behind it.

Poster Design Sterling Presentation Folder Design Jim Beam Print Ad Packaging Design We7 Kelloggs One Piece PDF design PDFleonardo-cover.jg taste of colombia packaging design magazine design cover BMW Brochure Design Weider-Print-Design-Advert Infographic for Dancing with the Stars landscape graphic design for Top Gear USA poster Alans Big Plate preview-ad-04 MRM Printed Advertising Design Print Advertising Design for Top Gear Live TopGear Magazine Design Print based brochure design for Mercedes Judy Mooch Album Design credit crunchy design Poster Design Mem Ferda photoshop designPockit Illustration Kekell Sa Album Designs print design one sheet

Print Design Essentials

To understand what makes excellent print design, David can draw upon 10 years experience in this field.  With creations he made for the sports nutrition industry publications, David quickly learnt the fundamentals.  The resolution and colour models are absolutely vital to get right.  Magazine printing is extremely sensitive to the subtle variations in colour when compared to modern day digital printing.  If you are not aware of this, it can lead to deep blues being printed as purple, and over saturated blacks.

Advertising design for print is an area of special interest to David.  It allows a great deal of creative expression and large high resolution graphics and effects.  Click here to view some examples and information about Advertising Design for Print.

The range of services available are huge.  David has special knowledge of Brochure design, business card design, logo/branding, headed paper, printed advertising, flyers, promotional design, posters, CD artwork, merchandise and more.  Click on a phrase to see an example of each, or contact 07890 83 84 85 to get a free print design consultation. Alternatively click the contact form here.